Next Saturday, August 6, the official Rio 2016 equestrian programme will start. In order to help you follow all Rio2016 equestrian events, we prepared a mini-guide with a detailed list of all scheduled races.
Choosing custom-made boots for your children means offering them shoes that are specifically designed for the needs of your little horse rider’ feet, allowing good breathability and a perfect adhesion to the leg. Here are four good reasons to choose the best boots to your young rider.
The young horseman Andrea Sangiorgi, after his excellent trial performance at the three stars international competition of Máriakálnok, in Hungary, entered the top 10 World Dressage.
The boots are the accessory that is most of all, subjected to wear and tear during riding. The polishing revives water resistance and thus prevents water from seeping inside the boot. To ensure that the maximum lifetime for your riding boots ,you need to take care of them keeping them clean and with a well-treated skin and by following a few simple precautions.
All HantonCavalier gaiters are hand made with water-resistant calves leather, lined in leather also with a rear zip to ensure maximum strength and comfort.
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