HantonCavalier: A Guide to Personalisation

HantonCavalier: A Guide to Personalisation

HantonCavalier riding boots are entirely handmade in Italy, by highly skilled and tailored professionals. Each customer is asked to provide their measurements and our highly skilled tailors create the boot that fits like a second skin to your foot.

Once you have decided which unique design you wish to order, the application form is completed with you providing the required measurements including height of the boot, ankle and calf circumference and length of your foot. Just using a simple tape measure will help.

Women and Children    

All HantonCavalier boots are customized according to individual measurements, male or female. However, some boots are more suited to women’s customisation with a particular shape and style and we at HantonCavalier recognise this from sizes 35 upwards. You can find them in the women’s categories in both the Western and English riding sections. If you have any specific requests, please contact us at info@hantoncavalier.com.

Some things to consider for customisations.

In addition to the tailored measurements we provide, HantonCavalier boots can also be customised with detailing that adds that special finishing touch. Why not add you initials or full name, all hand embroidered. You can choose the shape of the tip of the boots and style of the zip. You can choose to add an inner grip and spurs for that extra comfort and grip on the saddle.

In order to guarantee the elegance of the boots, customisation on some models is restricted however if you have any requests please do not hesitate to contacts us and we will do whatever we can to fulfil our customers’ requests.

Production time and delivery

Once ordered and your measurements submitted, the manufacturing process begins. Our boots are created in 10 days, all handcrafted to the highest of standards. We are grateful for the patience of our customers and we inform customers as soon as your order is ready for shipment. Shipping time depends on your location.