4 Good reasons to choose custom-made riding boots for your children

4 Good reasons to choose custom-made riding boots for your children

 Choosing custom-made boots for your children means offering them shoes that are specifically designed for the needs of your little horse rider’ feet, allowing good breathability and a perfect adhesion to the leg.


Here are four good reasons to choose the best boots to your young rider.



Safety first! When our children go horse riding, we have to remember that high-quality equipment is crucial to a safe activity. Before getting on the saddle one should always have a protective helmet and boots, however only the boots are indeed fundamental to ensuring a constant safety while staying in physical contact with the animal. One of the key elements of leather boots is their ability to cushion the horse's movements under the heel to avoid numbness in the feet.


Comfort and well-being

A good pair of leather riding boots allows your feet to breathe in a very different way than any other technical textiles. Every parent knows that horse riding often make feet sweat (especially during summer) and that synthetic materials do not allow breathability and often cause unpleasant odours.


Horse Handling

Being able to  handle the horse adequately is essential when you go horse riding. Tailor-made boots ensure the  perfect adherence to your kid’s legs and, fitting like a glove, they ensure movement control on the stirrups.



It might seem superfluous, but our children love wearing stylish shoes in line with their horse-riding practice that can make them feel like experienced riders. This aspect should never be neglected, especially when our children take part to equestrian competitions.

An impeccable style could make the difference between a winning rider and a losing one: this has also been demonstrated by the recent results of young horse riders like Andrea Sangiorgi, who wears Brighton dressage boots.


HantonCavalier offers a wide range of children’s tailored riding boots for Western riding, English riding or dressage, with the possibility of entire customization.

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