Handmade riding boots: how they are made step by step

Handmade riding boots: how they are made step by step

Ever wondered how a pair of our beautiful handmade boots are made?  

Here’s the careful step-by-step process.


We start by taking the measurements from the customisation form, which is sent out to all of our customers upon placing their order. It’s extremely important that the measurements are as precise as possible, in order to have a finished product that adheres perfectly to the leg and is comfortable to wear.  During this part of the process, the customer will choose the colour of the leather to be used and specify any personalisation that they wish to add to their boots


The development of the model can now begin, this phase is carried out completely by hand, simply using a tape measure and a pencil.  The design of the model is made on cardboard with the customer’s measurements.

Leather selection

This is one of the most important steps, as it regards the careful selection of the leather that will be used to make the boots. The skins are meticulously checked for imperfections before cutting out the design. This operation is also carried out entirely by hand, by placing the card obtained previously on the leather and cutting it out carefully.

Personalizzazioni_iniziali_stivale_equitazione_su Misura


In this phase, the boot is customised by adding any accessories, or embroidering the customer’s initials, as requested.


The sewing process can now begin, where the various pieces previously cut out are assembled and the upper starts to take the form of the boot it is to become.

Montaggio cucitura stivale equitazione su misura


At this stage the underside and sole are added.  A brief description cannot give an idea of how important this phase is, nor how long it takes, nor how much experience is needed.  Here, the hand of an artisan could never be substituted by even the latest of machinery.  This phase ends by sewing on the sole, which guarantees a longer lifetime of the boot.


After assembly one last check is made on the boot and it’s ready to be packaged and shipped!

The final step!

The final part of the process is the use of our bespoke boots by the customer.

Our greatest element of pride is having taken what was before quite simply a ‘piece of leather’ and having transformed it into a boot full of history, tradition and experience, to the satisfaction of our Customers!