Interview with Paolo Orlandini, horse breeder and western rider

Interview with Paolo Orlandini, horse breeder and western rider

What for you is horse riding? Tell us about your life in horse riding, horses, your riding stables and a life dedicated to this discipline.

Riding, horses  has been my life since I was 18, since then, i have been working as a professional in this field for 12 years and currently my wife and I practice this at our stables close to Como. Ours is the classic “Family Buissness", all we are dedicated, putting our heart and soul into this activity in order to maintain our high standards and quality.


What distinguishes horse riding from other sports ?

I think it has to be the companionship between a horseman and his companion .. the horse. The rider must create a bond with his horse, the one is inseparable from the other for the success of a performance, not just the horse without the rider and viceversa.


Tell us more about your discipline, reining.

Reining is an "American-dressage" a succession of moves in the arena, according to a required pattern. It requires precision and speed which together is a pleasure to look at. When evaluated positively, this proves the riders ability to bring their horse to perform the moves (circles, spin, stop) in the most natural and enjoyable way as possible. It is certainly not a simple discipline considering the number of operations required, but certainly very special. And 'one of the disciplines present at the WEG, the equestrian Olympics.

How important is it for a rider to have reliable and quality equipment?

For a horseman, especially if a professional, it is very important to have comfortable safe and long-lasting equipment, given the countless hours you spend riding. We can not detract from quality.


What do you look for in a pair of riding boots?

For boots that I use, I'm looking for the quality, they have to be well-made, should last, have a good quality / price ratio, be above all comfortable because I use them on average 12 hours a day and then be pleasing to the eye.


What advice would you give to an athlete who must buy their own sports equipment?

To an athlete I would recommend to rely on professional sports equipment available to the equestrian industry professionals, to focus on the quality of the equipment and if possible to be "made in Italy".