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HantonCavalier is a 25 year old Italian company, known by his customised leather boots for horsemanship. All boots are handcrafted, tailor made and personalised to the minor detail to each customer. During these years we have been working with some of the best equestrian riders, who have chosen Hanton Cavalier has partners.

We would like to invite you to our “HantonCavalier Partnership”. Join today and take advantage of our exclusive partner programme.

What do you get?

  • A first 20% discount code for you, your riders, athletes, friends or anyone one else you wish, from any product in HantonCavalier’s catalogue.
  • The possibility to customize HantonCavalier's products with your centres own branding
  • HantonCavalier’s monthly newsletter: with the latest news related to que equestrian world and from HantonCavalier.
  • More discount codes in the future. We love to spoil our partners.
  • More to come, since HantonCavalier is always looking forward to innovate and add value to our partners.

How can I become a partner?

  • Subscribe to our Partnership Programme
  • Fill in our application form, it only takes a minute.

That’s all!

Don’t hesitate to contact us at to anything you would like to discusss with us.
Enjoy the ride!

Are you a retailer?

HantonCavalier offer special conditions to all official retailers. If you need more information or if you want to receive our price list contact us at

Our partners


Juchgasse 42
1030 Wien

"We have been selling the most important brands of the western scene for years. The trend towards high quality custom boots has brought us to the brand Hanton Cavalier. The small Italian manufacturer is not yet one of the most famous riding boot brands but already known for producing boots of the finest quality parrt with exceptional comfort. Due to the good price-performance ratio, the boots are not only popular with professionals but are increasingly finding their way into the non-pro and leisure sector. Due to the many leather types and the different model variations the boots are suitable for every rider. Due to our long lasting cooperation it is also possible to offer the handmade and custom made boots also through our online store".

Team Westerndeream


Via Mabellini 2/1
12038 Savigliano (CN) - Italia

"Through our constant research and meticulous approach when choosing our products, in was inevitable that we would meet, learn from and start working with HantonCavalier. A dynamic small firm, full of ideas that will surely only continue to improve EQUINORD, helping us to consolidate our presence in a challenging market.".

Giacomo, Equinord

588 Horses di Fiorani Jacopo

Via Monte Zebio - 37/A
00052 - Cerveteri (RM)

"We would like to say a special thanks to our official supplier of western riding footwear, for their professionalism and seriousness shown so far and also for the excellent craftsmanship of the products". 

Jacopo Fiorani

Horses & Fashion srl

Via di Vittorio 291
40014  Crevalcore (BO) -  Italia

"We have many years’ experience in selling of horse riding boots both western and English riding. The correct fit, comfort, shape and pattern of the boot are extremely important and a boot must demonstrate that it can do all of these things, to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye yet durable, to ensure the customer wants to buy the boot again. And this must be done without forgetting the importance of offering the right value for money.
HantonCavalier boots demonstrate these characteristics. In addition to their many years’ experience in crafting the boots and collaborating with customers, Hanton Cavalier has understood their customers, their needs and the type of footwear the like to wear. So, we can highly recommend these boots to our most loyal customers".

Luciana, Horse & Fashion